CFA Cat Breeders In Mississippi
Breeders Name Cattery Location Brief Description of Breeder/s Rating
Total 14 Unresolved complaints by registered cat breeders
Rebecca Adaway Sweet Petunias M
1. Offensive, abusive breeder totally lacking moral integrity or honesty
Ashley Anderson Dream Maker Kittens MS
1. Buyer sent money breeder did not send kitten
2. Breeder attempting to cancel complaint
3. Buying attempting to cake legal action to get her money back
4. Buyer complaining breeder did not send kitten
5.Breeder owes buyer $4,000.00 never sent kitten!
12 3 45
Racheal Ford Think Sphynx MS
1. Breeder claiming CFA breeder stole 3 cats and had sick cat to begin her cattery 10-23-10
2. Scammed & stole cats from me 3-14-13
Dawn Lester Dawn's Darling Pets MS
1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LADY!! She should not be breeding.....I feel sorry for those cats
2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LADY! 601-824-3474
3. TICA registered

Tom and Rebekah Lewis Mijikmoon [cfa]
Moonmajik [tica]
1. 08-003 CFA v. Lewis, Tom and Rebekah, 08-068 CFA v. Lewis, Tom and Rebekah Violation of CFA Constitution Article XV Section 4 (g) GUILTY. Sentence of full restitution of $3,600 to Rachaphol Pongpairoj and $3,500 to Rodney McGregor/Serin Henriksen, minimum 6 month suspension (extends beyond 6 month until restitution paid) and $1,000 fine. Majikmoon(CFA) Moonmajik(TICA)
Lisa Morris Pawznthesand MS
1. BEWARE of LISA MORRIS [] 5-11-13
2. Same complaint listed on web