CFA Cat Breeders In North Carolina
Breeders Name Cattery Location Brief Description of Breeder/s Rating
Total 48 Unresolved complaints by registered cat breeders
Kathryn Acre ClassyRags NC
1. I want to share my experience with you so that others can be aware before they decide about getting a kitten from her Cattery
2. What a nightmare of an experience
Angela Reid VelvetRags NC
1. Vendor sold me a kitten with contract restrictions
Linda Johnson Cazpurr Bengals NC
1. Sharing about this cat breeder from HELL
2. Breeder promised buyer pick of litter for 4 years [court order]
Bruce Alexy Alexy Abyssinian Bengals NC
1. This guy, Alexy Abyssinians Cattery, ripped me off for $300.00 - 10-24-2012
Lora Tesh SoulMate Ragdolls NC
1. Breeder is selling kittens infected with Coronavirus - 5/11/11
Christy Carroll Cleghorn Paws
1.Buyer purchased 6 kittens breeder did not give any registration papers.
2. Failed to deliever last kitten
3. I am also told by Admat Cattery, "in Australia that Mrs. Carroll owes them money dating back years on cats purchased from them."
4. Do not buy a feline here
5. Do not buy a feline here - she doesn't have registrations to back them up!
124 5
Sandar Cheek Norman Amazing Grace Catzz
1. Charged in Exotic Cat Breeding Operation "kitten mill" neglect,not properly caring for all her animals and has no regard for the welfare of her cats," the warrant read.
2. Images of Sandra Norman and raid
12 3 4
Lynn Milstead Jollytime Ragdolls NC
1. Kitten Died of FIP 1-20-12
2. Cat died at 1 yr old because of genetic issue 11-17-13
Paul Beeson AAA Savannahs NC
1. Tried to sell us a sick cat [so much more]
? Snickie Dolls NC
1. Buyer says, "Beware they are selling sick ragdolls kittens"
Ed Manning Wizardgate Sphynx NC
1. Scams breeders, TICA registered 1-21-2012
2. Bad experience 4-25-2012
3. Buyer wants back his $3,500.00 back 7/19/12
4. Selling sick cats 4-26-2012
5. Selling sick cats 4-26-2012
6. Nasty cats 5-11-2012
12 34,5,
Lin Rustin The Ragdoll Rules NC
1. Buyer Beware!! These kittens are not vaccinated and they are not well 11/1/12
Karen & Don Hill
Elizabeth Bolen
E & K Katz
1. We believe that Karen Hill is conducting unsafe breeding practices and continuing to sell sick kittens 2/3/13
2. Don't buy kittens or cats they are all sick 10-17-13
3. Irresponsible, FIP positive, breeder of sick & dying cats 10-30-13
4. Sold FIP infected kitten 2-7-14
5. Buyer says,"dont buy from them" 2-27-14
7. Breeder selling very sickly kittens 10-20-14
12 3 4 5 6
Diane Hayes Seal Point Org NC
1. Cat Buyer beware of this cat breeder! 4/18/13
Thomas Gay & Penny Shaffer Pennys Persians
AKA Koka Kola
1. Breeder was sued and sold cat with ringworm 5/9/13
2. Penny's Persians sold me a kitten with ringworm. 5-12-13
Shyla Hendrickson Artistic Bengals NC
1. Breeder would not allow buyer to change her mind on sale nor give her back any money 12/8/12
Pam Atwell Catwells NC
1. Breeder does deceptive trade practices, fraud, breach of contract 8-6-13
2.Beware Dishonest Persian Cat breeder 8-6-13
3. Fraudulent cat breeder 8-6-13
12 3
Lisa M Seay
Robert L Seay
Kura Kats NC
1. Buyer says,"Heartless, greedy breeders who could care less about their kittens" 5/12/14
2. Buyer says,"Stay away from this breeder" 5-12-14
3. Buyer had to threaten buyer to get back her money kitten died of FIP 8-24-14
Kathy Jenks Jinx Cattery NC
1. Buyer says,"Knowingly selling sick cats with FIP" 5/20/14
2. Buyer says, "Breeder is selling sick kitten it died of FIP" 5-26-14
Barbara Lafferty Furrbcats FL/NC
1. Beware of Furrbcats - Barbara Lafferty misleading customers with Photoshop. Since we purchased him he has generated over $5,400.00 in vet bills and countless hospital stays. This does not include the $2000 we paid for him. 1/5/11
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2.Purchased a boy last year and he also has been diagnosed with feline herpes! 1/21/11
3. Selling sick cats 1/5/11
4. Beware of SICK cats ringworm, herpes, respiratory infections, & LIES 12/4/12
5. Purchased a White Persian Cat from this cattery & we have been living a nightmare ever since. 12/11/1 2
6. Selling very sick cats 7-20-13
7. Buyer states breeder sold her a very sickly breeder 6-28-14
12 3 4 5 6 7