CFA Cat Breeders In New York
Breeders Name Cattery Location Brief Description of Breeder/s Rating
Total 73 Unresolved complaints by registered cat breeders
Honey Walker Mi Cattery
1. Sells kittens with herpes virus, eyes ragging with redness like fire
2. Buyer had 20 pages of medical reports
Maratha Teramo
& Linda Biers
Maratha's Siamese NY
1. Purchased a kitten with FIP,kitten had to be put to sleep.
2. Breeder said she would replace then next day changed her mind said she does not cover this illness.
3. Contract said 1 year health guarentee
Eileen M Picket VillaRoyal NY
1. Reputable breeders do not treat customers like she has, and she should be banned from breeding
2. Read Pet Dealer Inspection Report
Jessica Murphy Aisling Rags
1. Buyer noticed her cat was sick & wanted to return kitten to breeder
2. WARNING! Jessica from Aisling sold me a kitten TRITRICHONOMAS FOETUS and GIARDIA in 8/2010
3. Warning about Aisling Rags 11-7-10
12 3
Kim Brantley Kims Ragdolls NY
Sold me a kitten with FHV
Allyn Madore CatNipKids NY
Sold me a 900.00 persian cat that had a liver disease and died
Michael &
Svetlana Puzulis
Helderberg Exotics Cats
1. Two reviews of buyers saying he sells sick cats.
2.  7/22/10 Breeder raises kittens with no eyes and uses the cat as a breeder also 5 reviews about how sick their kittens were
4. This cattery is a state of the art incubation center for disease, infections and parasites
5. A suspended an inspection so an injured cat could be
6. Pet Dealer Inspection Report
Donna Cipley Donna Dollys
1. Sells sick cats and will not answer phone calls 11/22/10
2. Cat With Heart Disease 9/15/11
3. Cat With Heart Disease 7/28/11
4. Purchase kitten 3/1/10
5. Purchased kitten in 3 days it had to go to the vet 11/19/10
6. Breeder sold kitty to buyer that died of FIP in 4 months 10-19-14
12 34 5 6
Joseph Grossman Unknown NY
Sphynx breeder animals seized from filth Albany, NY
Jennifer Green JenCat NY
1. June 2006
05-049-0915 CFA v. Green, Jennifer Violation of CFA Constitution, Article XV Section 4 (g) Violation of Show Rules 2.02a GUILTY of both charges. Sentence of two years’ probation and $750 fine.
2. March 2011
217 cats have potentially zoonotic diseases and certainly can not be removed from the CFA Maine Coon's breeders house. They all have URI, RW and Tritrichomonas Foetus. Some were already euthanized because they were badly dehydrated and mal nourished from the Tritrichomonas Foetus.
3. SPCA Director of Public Relations
4. View images

Ruth Sonneville Charlemaine MC NY
1. 60 cats 10 dogs seized from Pet Trade cattery over the internet
2. CFA Temporary suspension: Ruth Sonneville (Charlemaine), East White Plains NY – suspension commencing October 2, 2004 until a fine of $1,000 is paid in full.
4. CFA goes by their constitution and is suppose to ban a breeder for life in this breeders situation and its is not the case.
Carolyn Parmerter Lovin Laces Birmans NY
Two kittens died within 6 years of fip
Liz Walter Long Island Ragdolls NY 1. I would still not purchase from them. Just a warning. Ask for proof of HCM testing(hydrocardiomyopathy)
2. My little baby had a massive heart attack and died 2-10-13
Robert Barrett Waxolotl
Turkish Angoras
1. CFA cat breeder's home raided by authorities prompted by medical call for wife.
2a. [13] images of home, fire dept, animal control supervisor, directory, CFA cat breeder.
2b. CFA cat breeders sharing about the raid in media

12 34
? NY Cats NY
1. Negative/ to avoid: NY Cats Cattery, where we got Marie, she had to go through bilateral femoral hernia repair. Breeder did not take any responsibility & simply said that hernia never happened in his cats. This cattery likes to advertise that they have "Teacup" kittens, a deceptive idea since teacup could mean health issue that prevents normal growth.
Deborah Corrado Make Believe Ragdolls NY
1. I had to put my kitten to sleep at 4 months because of FIP 2/6/12
2. Deborah make you believe you are getting what you want and when paid off she stops communication 11/13/11
3. Breeder cuts corners on care of kittens 8/12/12
4. Horrible, uncaring Breeder 1/6/13
5. Sells Sick kittens 8-31-13
12 3 4 5
Jerry Hamza Jubileum Cattery NY
1. The current [2011] President of CFA is accused of being a liar and thief.
2. Images of CFA president
Lisa Smith Catillak Cattery NY
1. The current [2011] President of CFA is accused of being a liar and thief.
2. Images of CFA president
Jennifer Alexander &
James Tinsman
Simply Siberians NY
1. Prospective buyer evaluated this breeder as a rip off. 7/25/12
Irina Rekhteta Furry Dream NY
1. Sold to our family a sick kitten who sadly died shortly after purchase!! Brooklyn, New York 11/27/12
Lisa Sullo-Lewis Luvlee Dolls NY
1. Had very unprofessional interactions with Lisa from Luvlee Dolls Suffolk County, Long Island New York 1/7/13
Karen Vance Cedarwood NY
1. None delivery of purchased Abyssinian Kitten 3/3/13
2. After 3 months (with a deposit and a final payment totaling $900.00) reneged on contact to sell kitten on the day of delivery 3-15-13
3. Cedarwood Cattery claims to be giving Russian Blue cats away 3-5-13
4. Bait & Switch, refusal to provide pedigree papers, sold me a sick cat, refused to pay vet bills 5-22-14
5. Buyer says, "Very disreputable breeder" 6-14-14
12 3 4 5
Kate Stryker Forest Wind Siberians NY
1. Breach of contract 4-8-13
Jennifer Riddle East End Ragdolls NY
1. Took Money & Ran! 12-13-13
2. Took Money & Ran! 12-13-13
Lisa Grucci Grucci Sphynx NY
1. Sold buyer kitten with congenial heart defect 1-8-14
Jessica Perry
Elegant Ragdolls
Lovely Ragdolls
Love Ragdolls
We Love Ragdolls
1. Buyer says, " this breeder should be shut down"
2. Buyer says."We had a horrific experience with Elegant Rags" 8-23-09
3. Buyer says,"Animal Control needs to be involved with this cattery"
4. Purchased a kitten that its blood count was very high
5. Jessica Perry selling kittens that die after a few months from FIP 5-16-09
6. J Perry has 5 or 6 AKA Á keeps running from all the complaints against her cattery
7. J Perry is a horrendous cat breeder 3-29-11
8. Buyer would not do business with this cattery again! 4-6-11
9. This is an outrage Á they need to stop breeding 7-9-11
10. My heartfelt sympathies go out to those who have lost kittens from Elegant Rags. 3-24-12
11. Jessica Perry are testing positive for Corona Virus which is the cause for FIP! 2-17-12
12. Kitten sold with congenital neurological disorder of unknown etiology 12-27-11
13. Ear polyp that was causing the chronic infections 3-24-12
14. Buyer purchased 2 very sick kittens 3-11-09
15. "act fast now" showcase type of newsletter. Dalzell, S C 7/24/12
16. Bad reputation for ignoring you after you buy your cat 11/27/12
17. After spending over $2,000 in vette bills, the cat died 7-22-09

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 89 10
11 1213
14 151617
Jeanne Maurer Catskill Valley Bengal Cats NY
1. buyer says."do not recommend this breeder, sick kittens ear mites, evidence of fleas, hookworm [bloody stool] & URI" 6-16-14