CFA Cat Breeders In Virginia
Breeders Name Cattery Location Brief Description of Breeder/s Read
Total 17 Unresolved complaints by registered cat breeders
Heather-Rose Wolf Avante Siamese

1. Breeder does not deliever what is promised, CFA, CFF, GCCF & TICA registered - 12/11/13
2. Does not deliver what is promised 1-12-14
3. Animal Neglect 2-15-14
Patrice Philpot W'stern Manx VA
1. Took alot of money from buyer with no cat to show
Wanda Borowiak
AKA Wanda Colvin
AKA Wendy Borowiak
AKA Wenda Colvin
AKA Wanda Colvin
Perfect Points

AKA Fluffin' Stuff
1. CFA Administrative Suspenson 11/11/2008
2. Never sent reg papers nor returned my calls
3.Other memebers of the scam team:
Walter & Stephanie A Colvin
Michael & Joanna Catherine Adamov
Carol Hean Joy's Hope VA
Sold kitten with FIP
Deborah Duckworth Sacred Purr Manx VA
08-025 CFA v. Duckworth, Deborah, VA., Violation of CFA Constitution Article XV Section 4 (a), (g) GUILTY. Sentence of life suspension of all CFA Services.
Betty Carter Sache Cattery VA
Transports animals in deplorable conditions, smokes heavily animals. Destroys her animals when they get sick.
Gayla Pavolich Rags-A-Matazz VA
posting false accusations against me
Christine Rosenfield Gato Azul VA
1. Selling sick Chartreux kitten which died of FIP
Wen Wang AKA
Wendy Smith
Ragdoll Breeder VA
1. Selling sick kittens with fleas spent much money on vet bills & RX 10/14/12
2. Beware once again Wendy Smith is back but going under a different name 10/27/12
Maria Derosario-Meslar Tia Maria Siamese VA
1. Treatment of a potential customer - Breeder CFA/TICA - 12/16/12
Stacey Foster Potomac Pixiebobs VA
1. Selling sick kittens not standing behind contract - 7/17/13
Kathy Pritchard Kaylee Conishrex VA
1. Breeder sold buyer sickly kitten knowing it before hand - 2/19/14
Donna Sacra Baby Balinese Kittens VA
1. Save yourself some heartache and find an ethical breeder who has healthy cats - 2/23/14
2. Beware Donna Sacra sells sick mixed breed cats! 2-23-14