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This info was reported to us by our sources. The images were taken by Stacey Bogue's husband, who was leaving his wife. Stacey Bogue owns the Startrax Cattery in Canada. If you know any more about these [crimes against animals] please report it to the local animal control in her area of Canada.

CFA and TICA both did nothing against her, and unfortunately nobody could stop this CFA cat breeder.

It was said that Stacey just let them run out in the cold winter, left to themselves, and maybe they have died from the hard winter in Canada.

This woman was a prospective cat judge. Pictures were taken by her (Ex-)husband but not to protect the cats, just to start a custody battle about their daughter...

June 2010 - CFA Welfare Chair Linda Berg stated,
"there was NO PROOF Stacy Bogue did this to her own cats, & told Stacy Bogue to get a CFA Cattery of Excellence."

In 2011, she was still showing! Her cats are everywhere in the canada cats magazine of the CCA! breeders like Heather Smith of Summertime cattery and Dr. Louise Laliberte. DVM, MSc of Floralie cattery have bought cats from her recently because one of them is 8 month in the cat show catalogue given to exibitors at the last show (december 1&2 of 2012)!

It is sooo sad to know people are sooo bad and nobody stops them! Even worst, other breeders buy cats from that horrible woman! Just discusting!

A picture is worth a 10000 words

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